Our Services

IVI support Enterprises with research and Service offerings in designing the digital future and to establish sustainable business Ecosystems that are resilient and efficient.

Designing the digital future

IVI support Enterprises with research and Service offerings in designing the digital future and to establish sustainable business Ecosystems that are resilient and efficient.

Our core services include:

IVI Capability Improvement Assessments

IVI offers over 40 different types of Assessments for Enterprise-level organizations, all based on the IT-CMF framework built over 10 years ago and backed by over 250,000 man hours of rigorous academic and commercial research development.

Diagnostic Assessment tools

We understand that our Consulting Partners need tools that are both robust and rapid. The Diagnostic suite provided by IVI to our partners is backed by 250,000 man hours of rigorous academic and commercial research and development.

Business Case Development

The four-stage process enables companies to explore opportunities for innovation in partnership with a research institute. The outcome is a detailed business case for the organisation that justifies a formal (long-term) research and collaboration programme.

Client Diagnostic Process

Our assessments are designed to help you uncover your clients capability gaps quickly, build a solution tailored to the clients needs rapidly and begin a valuable engagement with your customers as soon as possible.

IVI Capability Improvement Assessments

IT Effectiveness

If you’re looking to understand the effectiveness of your IT function, and transform your IT function from a cost centre to a value centre, we can help you with our assessment specifically created to evaluate you businesses’ IT Effectiveness.


Digital Readiness

What should my organization be doing to be ready for Digital and where do I focus? Organizations are now looking to IT Leaders to be driving discussions on Digital Transformation.
Our Digital Readiness assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organisations understand their readiness for digital transformation given their current IT infrastructure and technology.


EU GDPR Readiness with our Data Protection Assessment

In the EU, with upcoming GDPR legislation effective in May 2018, there has never been a more urgent time to ensure your customer data security, and policies around data protection are compliant.
Our Assessment can quickly help your organization understand current data risks and exposers. Even for those companies not operating in the EU, you can still use our Assessment to understand your organization’s maturity around Data Protection.

Cloud Adoption

Still unsure about cloud adoption? It is not new to the IT industry, however uncertainty remains around Cloud migration.
Our Cloud Adoption assessment has been specifically created to rapidly help an orgainsation understand their ability to adopt and manage a cloud environment. Let us help you understand more about Cloud Adoption.


Cyber Security

What is your organization’s approach to Cybersecurity? How can you be sure it’s effective? The volume and severity of cyber security attacks continues to increase.



DevOps presents a solution to the challenge that organizations face in releasing product updates into complex operating environments without causing service loss or disruption.

This is not a new challenge. However, the need to find solutions to the challenge has intensified as agile development practices and complex scalable infrastructure configurations have come to the fore over the last decade.

Business Case Development

Step 1: Discovery for Innovation workshop: Using IVI’s Discovery facilitated workshop, identify priority topics of interest for the company, for example with a view to improving a process, designing a new service etc and realising value from it within a 5-year time frame.

Step 2: Analysing and Mapping: IVI Post-doc researchers take the data gathered in the Discovery for Innovation workshop and analyses it. The business case will be defined using the business model canvas and the concept of value dials. The researcher prepares a brief for Step 3

Step 3: Business Case / Research Agenda development facilitated workshop, with IVI post-doc researchers and participants from the company, use the research brief developed in Step 2 to develop a prospective research and business development model

Step 4: Documentation and Presentation: The post-doc researcher and representatives from the company create a business case for the company and prepare documentation and presentation to the company

Diagnostic Assessment tools

The goal is to help organizations understand where their strengths are, and where their capability gaps are. Using this information our partners can quickly help their clients build remedial plans to uplift capability in the IT organisation, looking for capability trends that tie into the business objectives.

Blurred Lines

The lines between what is business and what is IT have blurred, new methods of procurement have arisen, and it is entirely possible for parts of the business to bypass IT all together.

CIO Leadership

In the midst of this, the CIO must be a people leader, a technology leader, a business strategist, and handle all the complexities of shifting and evolving skill sets.

Strengths vs Gaps

It is little wonder then that our partner’s clients are coming to them asking for help, asking for partners to help them understand their own landscape, where their strengths are, and where their gaps are.

Thorough Sampling

The IT Effectiveness Assessment is designed for just that reason. Unlike our other diagnostic tools, the IT Effectiveness assessment does not limit itself to just one aspect of the IT Department. Instead, it samples every aspect of the IT organisation.

Client Diagnostic Process

Step 1: Online Diagnostic Tool

Upon selecting which diagnostic assessment you wish to use, you can provision your customer with a personalised link to carry out an online assessment.

All our Assessments are hosted on Qualtrics, giving you peace of mind knowing we can scale to large numbers and are hosted on a global secure and whitelisted environment.

Participants will receive a customised and individual link, where they will carry out the assessment.

Each question has been carefully crafted by the research team, and fits into the preceding and following question.

By having their clients complete this assessment, our consulting partners will quickly gain insight into the Capability level.

2. Data Harvesting.

With the assessments complete, you will harvest the data from Qualtrics, which will be automatically populated by our systems into a workbook for you.

This workbook will be a comprehensive mapping of the client’s capability landscape, with detailed analysis, prepopulated graphical resources, the ability to select between IT and Business responses, as well as general comments captured.

3. Interviews.

With the data from our workbooks, consultants can now engage directly with selected response candidates, to uncover additional information, to add context to answers, and to further understand the clients needs.

4. Workshop (optional).

With the interviews and assessment complete, consultants can now bring the key client stakeholders together to discuss the findings in the assessment.

It is important in this stage to identify the key themes within the client that need to be addressed.

It will often be the case that there are multiple capability themes that need to be addressed and it will not be possible to answer them all simultaneously.

The workgroup must decide what are the key themes, how they match up with the business priorities, and where to invest time and effort.

5. Capability Improvement Planning.

With the workshop complete, goals agreed, and buy in from all stakeholders, our consulting partners are now free to build the Capability Improvement plan.

IT-CMF contains within it a series of building blocks that partners can use to quickly build capability improvement plans for their clients, and deliver lasting engagement with the customers that deliver value.

All services:

IVI Capability Improvement Assessments
Business Case Development
Innovation Programme (in conjunction with the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers)
Client Diagnostic Process
Strategic Planning and Innovation Workshops
Identifying Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Analysing and Identifying Enterprise Requirements for Digital Transformation
Supporting Digital transformation processes
Developing digital transformation strategies for Enterprises, Supply and Value Chains
Assessing current trends and how to respond
Supporting and initiating of collaborative research engagements

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We attract talent and offer excellent training opportunities to the next generation of leaders through research and practice that are able to transform and architect sustainable service ecosystems. We are offering a range of excellent career development opportunity and funding opportunities for researchers focusing on Digital Transformation.