Enhancement of the Skills to Utilise BIM technology to Improve Information Sharing in Building Projects

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Project Description:
This industry felloshowship had 4 WPs aiming to empower the Fellow with the knowledge about BIM technology, including:

  1. to educate the Fellow about the data exchange standards in construction industry and to advance her knowledge in interoperability and data domain by investigating the real use cases along with support from industry partner;
  2. to collaborate with industry partner to prototype an initial version of the solution interface;
  3. to train the fellow tailored to the recognized needs to know about the BIM tools and to familiarize the fellow with the development process of BIM models; and
  4. to evolve the initial prototype regarding the new findings and to evaluate the prototype by applying it to real use-cases.

Researchers: Zohreh Pourzolfaghar

Funding: Lero, SFI

Collaboration / Partners: ArcDox

Timeframe: 2018-2019

About the Researchers: