About IVI

The centre of excellence for digital transformation.

Who we are

IVI is a multidisciplinary research centre focused on digital transformation and technology adoption based in Maynooth University.
Founded in 2006 in collaboration with Intel, we have a strong track record of industry collaboration both locally and internationally.
We have demonstrated excellent dissemination capability including education and training and developed a close working relationship with EI, IDA, SFI and other research centres.

Driven by ongoing digital transformation

Digitalization affects all Enterprises in most sectors and has a significant impact on business models, technology adoption and the opportunities the Digital Technologies provide. Driven by the ongoing digital transformation across all sectors, most organisations are challenged with strategic repositioning, adopting digital technologies and its impact on value chains and business ecosystems.

New market opportunities 

Digital Transformation and the adoption of Digital Technologies might result in new market opportunities, novel service offerings and shift in market shares. Economic, societal and business implications of the digital transformation need to be considered together with its wider impacts and constraints in order to drive the digital transformation that benefits all.

Increasing organisational agility and capability

The Innovation Value Institute assists enterprises in the digital transformation. We provides strategic guidance to Enterprises through a collaborative research following the open innovation paradigm that helps Enterprises to succeed in the Digital Transformation transform by reducing the risk and increasing the Organisational agility through the application of Digital Transformation Paths.

Since 2006 engaged with over 150 organisations to co-create content

Over €25m in public and industry funding to date

Over 300,000 hours of SME/IVI contribution towards IVI content

Over 1500 content contributors from across industries

Over 800 qualifications awarded

Over 500 formal assessments

Over 200 publications white papers and books published

Over 50 member events and conferences held

About our research

Research is focused on discovering strategic research challenges and co-creating validated Digital Transformation Paths. Together with our research partners in our Research Clusters we develop innovative research outputs that are relevant for both research and practice to transform and architect sustainable Service Ecosystem.

Open innovation community

The Innovation Value Institute has establishing an open innovation community that allows an engaged and agile research approach on significant research challenges related to Digital Transformation.

Research clusters

Through our research clusters, we are working with industry and academic partners and domain experts that bring together leading expertise from industry, policy making and research representing a range of aspects of the socio-technical environment.

Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral and International Research

The Innovation Value Institute offers an excellent Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral and International Research and Training environment. Research is conducted in collaboration with our partners to realise the synergies between research and practice and immerse in real world environments.

Want to know more?

We attract talent and offer excellent training opportunities to the next generation of leaders through research and practice that are able to transform and architect sustainable service ecosystems. We are offering a range of excellent career development opportunity and funding opportunities for researchers focusing on Digital Transformation.