Digital Transformation Assessment

What does Digital Transformation mean for your organization

Organizations need to enable Digital Transformation to remain competitive and meet consumer and customer demands.

However, they are often unsure of where to start, what is involved and how transformation will affect their business.

Unlike traditional IT transformations, the digital revolution will require both business and IT leadership to steer discussions and provide a roadmap of improvement to the business, but do you know where to start and what the impact will be?


How will digital impact on you and your industry?


Where do you focus?


And what are the appropriate technologies?

Our Digital Readiness Assessment has been specifically designed to:

  1. Help your organization understand its current digital profile
  2. Identify factors driving digitization
  3. Identify barriers preventing it
  4. Identify the capabilities required to increase digital maturity
  5. Develop a digital capability improvement plan

Why is Digital Transformation important for your organization?

Through our research IVI has defined four impact areas for digital, that tie into any business’s strategic objectives.

They are: Plan, Make, Operate, Sell.

What are the benefits of our Digital Readiness Assessment and how is it different to other options available?

IVI’s research team has worked to create a stable and unified approach focusing on the four key dimensions of any business:

Plan :

Digital Strategy

Digital included in business strategy

Digital promoted through ecosystem internally and externally

Make :

Digital Services and Products

Digital innovation- Design and build digital services.

Streamline delivery with digital – cloud, mobile etc.

Sell :

Digital Customer Engagement

Engage with and sell to customers by digital.

Serve customers with digital self service.

Operate :

Digital Operations

Digital architecture, processes, automation, security. Revitalize workforce, hire talent.

Operations efficiency & effectiveness through digital.

These four pillars form the foundation of the structure of our Digital Readiness Assessment, and the basis for defining your current digital profile, and where you want to be.

Once we understand the impact areas of digital, and have worked with you to understand which are the priorities for you, we look at the Scope of digitization – where the Assessment identifies the intensity of digitization efforts across the organization.

Then we look at the Scale of digitization – where we identify the breadth or reach of digital transformation.

By understanding the scale and scope of your digital initiatives, we can create a digital profile, not only if where you are, but where you want to be.

With this profile, we will engage in a 4 step process to aid you in your digital journey

1. Establish business-aligned digital strategy

2. Define customer journeys to direct digitization

3. Redesign operating model and organizational structure

4. Establish digital ecosystem

These themes are then linked to Capabilities and mapped into a digital capability improvement plan.

This thorough, in-depth, independent and research based Assessment means you will get:

1. Insight: Highlights an organization’s overall digital profile – and what the drivers are as well as the barriers to transformation

2. Simplified transformation:
IVI has worked with some of the world’s leading research institutes, including MIT to come up with this Assessment that helps organizations today with their digital agenda

3. Comprehensive analysis: This Assessment is applied across your entire organization. IT, sales & operations all have a stake in digital.

4. A unique, tried and tested Assessment. The only independent digital analysis on the market at the moment, used in over 130 organizations.

An Assessment of two halves

The Digital Readiness Assessment will identify where you are on your digital journey – helping you understand where to begin.

We have identified four digital identities:

  1. Localized – customers who have a focused but low maturity digital offering
  2. Specialized – customers who had a dedicated digital program, but focused on a particular area
  3. Globalized – multiple digital programs across the business but of limited capability
  4. Optimized – a high capability digital organization with digital functions across multiple departments

Digital mapping

Once your organization has been mapped our assessment identifies the various steps that needs to be taken to improve the digital capability.

The second half of the assessment will focus on: –

  • Identify digital drivers in the organisation
  • Highlighting digital barriers
  • Examining the critical capabilities which need to be improved in order to impact the digital capability.

Giving you a complete roadmap to start your organization’s digital transformation journey.

“To successfully respond to competitive forces, organisations need to continually review and evolve their existing IT practices, processes, and cultural norms across the entire organisation. IT-CMF provides a structured framework for them to do that.”

Christian MoralesCorporate Vice President and General Manager EMEA, Intel Corporation

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How to approach Digital Transformation in your Organization