Enterprise Innovation & Agility Assessment

IVI’s Enterprise Innovation & Agility is an integrated organizational level capability supporting the cultural, structural, and practical changes needed to transform to a more agile and innovative organization.

Enterprise Innovation & Agility draws on IVI’s research in innovation management, organizational change management, user experience, relationship management, and value management.

This focuses an organization’s effort on:

  • Developing a culture of innovation and agility
  • Innovation and agility leadership
  • Implementing structures and supports to encourage experimentation and manage risk
  • Enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing through formal and informal networks
  • Developing team agility, creativity, user and valueorientation
  • Embedding and accelerating innovation outcomes

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About the Innovation Value Institute

The Innovation Value Institute (IVI) is a multidisciplinary research and education institute co-founded in 2006 by Maynooth University and Intel Corporation with the support of the Irish Government.

IVI’s mission is to research, develop and disseminate empirically proven and industry validated best practice frameworks through a unique open innovation and collaboration between leading academic and industry practitioners.