IVI Capability Improvement Assessments

IVI offers over 40 different types of Assessments for Enterprise-level organizations, all based on the IT-CMF framework built almost 10 years ago and backed by 250,000 man hours of rigorous academic and commercial research development.

The IT-CMF is an independent Framework.

No bias. No hidden agendas.

Only real, end-to-end incremental IT organization transformation that you can measure year-on-year.

A better approach

How completing an IVI Assessment can help your organisation.

Our Assessments get straight to the heart of the IT implementation, processes and structure to determine an organization’s current capability leaving no stone unturned
Our Assessments helps you understand your Capability in any given area of the IT organization

Helps the rest of the organization understand IT’s current (and desired) state of capability

Helps to align the strategic objectives of the organization
Clearly build capability to support strategic objectives
Implement IT project to support the growth of the business
Benchmark your organization

Organizations complete an assessment


Data used is added to the benchmark data


Organizations are then assessed against the benchmark

We offer the following Assessments for Enterprise-level organizations:

IT Effectiveness

If you’re looking to understand the effectiveness of your IT function, and transform your IT function from a cost centre to a value centre, we can help you with our assessment specifically created to evaluate you businesses’ IT Effectiveness.

Digital Readiness

What should my organization be doing to be ready for Digital and where do I focus? Organizations are now looking to IT Leaders to be driving discussions on Digital Transformation.

Our Digital Readiness assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organisations understand their  readiness for digital transformation given their current IT infrastructure and technology.

EU GDPR Readiness with our Data Protection Assessment

In the EU, with upcoming GDPR legislation effective in May 2018, there has never been a more urgent time to ensure your customer data security, and policies around data protection are compliant.

Our Assessment can quickly help your organization understand current data risks and exposers. Even for those companies not operating in the EU, you can still use our Assessment to understand your organization’s maturity around Data Protection.

Cloud Adoption

Still unsure about cloud adoption? It is not new to the IT industry, however uncertainty remains around Cloud migration.

Our Cloud Adoption assessment  has been specifically created to rapidly help an orgainsation understand their ability to adopt and manage a cloud environment. Let us help you understand more about Cloud Adoption.

Cyber Security

What is your organization’s approach to Cybersecurity? How can you be sure it’s effective? The volume and severity of cyber security attacks continues to increase.